Initial process plan DIE_LAYOUT molding analysis system based on the analysis results, the optimal best DIE LAY-OUT is completed in minimum time



Mold DIE Design(2D, 3D)


    Two-dimensional design, mold DIE design (2D, 3D) as the default desktop three-dimensional design of the switch and continue to strive for bad minimizing and uniform design quality, and actively respond to the rapidly changing technological change



Hemming DIE Design(2D, 3D)


    Drawings of the highest level of domestic hemming hemming technology, based on industry-leading design (2D, 3D) DIE Hemming is delivered



Mold Line Simulation

    Current design failure rate was significantly decreased after several line simulation performed by simulation, mold design mold linesand challenges to a design defect 0 with minimal delay.



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